Why Black Women Are So Attractive

This article was written by Zeus, administrator of The Social Gods, for Interracial Intersection. Growing up, I lived in the city all my life, and went to a public school. This was a blessing, because it allowed me to be […]

This article was written by Zeus, administrator of The Social Gods, for Interracial Intersection.

black woman with cute facial featuresGrowing up, I lived in the city all my life, and went to a public school. This was a blessing, because it allowed me to be around and get to know people of different cultures and ethnicities. It’s also helped me realize that all women are beautiful, including and especially black women.

This is not to take credit from other women’s beauty, but there are some great qualities that black women possess not only outside, but inside as well.

Let’s start with the outer beauty, since it’s the first thing men notice about a woman, and draws them in like a magnet.mimi_magazine_love_africa_always03

The eyes are the window to a woman’s soul. Black women have these big, beautiful eyes that grab your attention and pull you in, like a fishing reel. Their eyes sparkle like stars. When I see this, my heart melts instantly. A lot of women will spend hours applying eyeliner and shadow to make their eyes look larger and more attractive in order to grab men’s attention. Black women don’t have to go through all this trouble.

Now let’s talk about the lips. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of black women have these nice, full, sexy lips that just make you want to walk up to them, gently grab them by the cheeks, and plant a soft, sensual kiss on them? I don’t know about other men, but it sure makes me want to. Women from many other cultures not only envy this, but go through black-woman-eating-peach-310x186all the trouble to duplicate the same look by applying lip liner and lipstick, hoping they can achieve the same effect. Again, black women don’t have to worry about having full, plump, kissable lips.

Let’s not forget the soft, glowing skin that black women have, either. While many women are out on the beach, going to tanning salons and applying spray-on tans with the hope of obtaining sun-kissed, glowing skin, Black-Woman%27s-backviewblack women, on the other hand, already naturally possess this. There’s no need for them to suffer painful sunburns, another thing they don’t get easily, in order to have healthy, attractive, glowing skin.

And there’s no way any man cannot notice the curvy, firm bodies that black women naturally have either. A lot of women complain that they can’t shape up their hips, thighs, and lift their butts. Black women already possess these sexy, attractive qualities…and if they hit the gym, WATCH OUT! Total chaos will break out. Men will be staring so hard they will be bumping into things. They won’t be able to think straight, and some will get so nervous they may even start to slur their words. curvy black womanI’ve seen many men from all cultures staring at attractive black women who are fit, even with their girlfriends standing right there.

As great as a black woman may look on the outside, there’s much more to her than just physical qualities. Many black women are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Whenever I’ve talked to black women, it’s always been a very pleasant experience. They learn to appreciate the inner qualities of another person, especially if they are dating interracially, and they cherish the little things you do for them. They seem to be a lot more confident and outgoing on average than other women.

tumblr_l3evbyTq6M1qafozxo1_500Maybe it’s due to knowing what they want and like, and not being afraid to go after it. I’m thinking that this may be the reason why more businesses are being started by black women than anybody else, and surprisingly succeeding even in a tough economy. If that’s not determination to get what you want, then I don’t know what you call it.

Yes, I am praising black women, because I truly do find them attractive and think that they deserve credit for being able to not only overcome all obstacles they face pertaining to dating, business, etc., but actually succeeding while many others would’ve given up and failed.

So yes, black women, take a bow, show a smile, and be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

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Zeus is author of the blog The Social Gods, an e-zine dedicated to helping men build social skills in every aspect of their lives, from daily social interactions, to dating, to entrepreneurship, to successful leadership and networking in business. He is married to Velour, administrator of Interracial Intersection.