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“Was wondering if there is a free website for interracial dating? Please let me know.” “Hello, I am a black girl who for the life of me cannot find a white guy…I try online dating apps and they all say […]

“Was wondering if there is a free website for interracial dating? Please let me know.”

“Hello, I am a black girl who for the life of me cannot find a white guy…I try online dating apps and they all say that it’s 100% free to JOIN but I can never really connect. Do you have any advice?? I love white men and the town I live in isn’t really tolorent of that.”

“I want to know do you know of an actual Blasian dating site. That only matches Black woman to Asian men?”

black-woman-on-the-computer.pf_To my knowledge, there are no completely free websites for interracial dating.

I don’t know of any dating services that are for black women/Asian men dating only. Black Women Asian Men United is a community created for black women and Asian men to converse. There are free discussion groups on Facebook for black women/Asian men and black women/white men, which can be easily be found with a Facebook search.

Plenty of Fish is a free general dating website, but I know of several black women of varying ages who met and later married men that they met on Plenty of Fish – some interracially, one intra-racially – and others who met men whom they went on to have quality longterm relationships with, even if the relationships did not ultimately work out. That was about two years ago or more, however; I do not know what Plenty of Fish is like today. One black woman who does public relations for celebrities sought her match on Plenty of Fish earlier last year, and reported to me that she found the quality of the white men who messaged her on Plenty of Fish extremely low, and that although she specified white men in her profile, she was bombarded with messages from black men who were also of low quality. She unsubscribed in frustration. You can give it a try and tell me your results, because I’m always interested in knowing what resources are useful for black women seeking quality, longterm interracial relationships, or men seeking longterm interracial relationships with black women.

The problem with free dating websites and other groups and forums for singles is that they attract many men who are only interested in NSA sex, casual fun, are not sure what they want, or who are either too fearful or timid to try an offline relationship. Free dating websites level the playing field for very shy or socially awkward guys who can’t bring themselves to talk to women in real life, and some of these shy or anxious guys use the web and free dating websites as a crutch. They want to feel that, in a sense, they have someone, but they know they will never get up the courage to meet up with any woman offline. Some men who have always been attracted to and curious about a certain type of woman but feel they can’t afford the social risks of being discovered experimenting, and some shy or socially awkward men, all suddenly feel like kids in a candy store when they register on free dating sites and find that these sites abound with single women whom they can engage with with just the click of a mouse. They can even copy and paste the same message to all. Sometimes, these guys sleep their way through the unsuspecting women on free dating sites or free discussion groups such as the ones on Facebook. Each woman in the Facebook groups would think that a certain “shy guy” is single, and agree to his request to hide their relationship in order to protect them both from the jealousy, drama and scandal that other women in the group would arm once they realized he was taken. It would turn out that the “shy guy” had numerous “girlfriends” in the group who all thought that they were the only one who were in a “relationship” with him (half the time the relationship never moves offline) or the only one trying to sleep their way into his heart. I found out the hard way what free co-ed discussion spaces on dating may often attract, and the dynamic that is often created, when I opened a free discussion forum on this website about a year and a half ago.

I’m not trying to scare you away from free dating websites, because I believe that free dating sites can be a useful supplementary resource for single women. If you do decide to use a free dating service, exercise caution. They are like the real world in which there will be a mixture of men with different intentions, but it will be a bit harder for you to decipher their motives when they are behind a computer screen. You must relax, read between the lines, and listen to your intuition, rather than allowing yourself to be blinded by your eagerness to meet someone. Desperation, overeagerness or low self-esteem will only attract users and losers. If a man is making comments about your body or sending you sexually suggestive comments or photos of himself early on, or if he’s asking you to send sexually suggestive photos of yourself to him, then he’s demonstrating that his primary intention is to have sex with you, and he will sweet talk you into the sack before getting more action from the next woman in his rotation. Remember that, on dating sites, you as the woman should never be the one to initiate contact with a man. Since men know that most women are hit on offline and online, they will assume that if you “have to” be the one doing the approaching in person or online, then you must be desperate, easy, aggressive, or have some other defect. Therefore, the men will not take you too seriously…if they even bother to reply. It may be unfair, but this is how society still works, even if some people claim that it doesn’t.

When it comes to dating sites, you tend to get what you pay for. Most men who are only seeking casual fun aren’t willing to use pay dating services or matchmaking websites for the purpose. What they like about free dating services is that they are risk-free. You may want to keep that in mind.

I receive many emails or Facebook messages a month from men and women telling me that they would like it if I opened a dating or matchmaking service for black women who would like to be in interracial relationships, and men who would like to be in interracial relationships with black men. In response to the constant request from readers, I opened a matchmaking service, Soulmate Intersection. Soulmate Intersection is intended to help my readers and other people in my target audience who would like me to introduce them to a compatible, quality single person for the possibility of love and marriage. In order to weed out those who are not serious, my charge is serious. If you would like me to introduce you to a compatible single, you may register on Soulmate Intersection, and I will get you started. That is actually a photo of my husband and I on the banner, by the way (smile). I promised to launch the website last November, but the main reason it took me so long to finish creating it is that it took me this long to get him to sit still until we took just the right photo (LOL). He told me that all of those people who were wondering why the website took so long should instead send their complaints to him.

If you do know of any completely free or very low cost interracial dating sites or communities that have helped you meet your match, you may let us know below.

“Was wondering if there is a free website for interracial dating? Please let me know.”

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I am a young woman who's Caribbean by heritage and American by birth. I'm married to a white man, whom I met during my teens. We've been together for nearly a decade. I have some female relatives and friends who are also married interracially. I share my experiences and thoughts in order to encourage and support other black women who are in interracial relationships or considering the possibility, and men who are interested in or in interracial relationships with black women.