Can White Men Sexually Satisfy Black Women?

We’ve all heard The Myth. You knew that, eventually, this blog would have to confront it head on. I know that some of my readers are conservative – but this is a topic many black women interested in interracial relationships […]

We’ve all heard The Myth.Naomi Campbell You knew that, eventually, this blog would have to confront it head on. I know that some of my readers are conservative – but this is a topic many black women interested in interracial relationships may be curious about.

At first, this was just cyber girl talk – but I realized the discussion addressed questions that might be of interest to my blog readers. Therefore, with Danielle’s permission, I’m sharing it here with you (slightly edited to remove “too much info” about me, ha).

Please note that this is not an academic study, and shouldn’t be viewed as such. Danielle and I are just speaking from our personal experiences and/or the experiences of women we know.


Danielle I love your blog. It’s about time black women have a voice for being in interracial relationships and how wonderful it is. I’ve had the attraction to white men for a long time.

Me Have you dated one?

Danielle Yes, I’ve dated white men for 6 years now. I have a white boyfriend now.

Me Cool, so how long have you been together now?

Danielle Six months. It’s been great. Of course I’ve had some who didn’t care for me dating white men and not dating black men – but I know what I like.

Me Right. Your life is about you. Same with me…

Danielle Exactly.

Me It’s a shame that some black women listen to them [the naysayers], but there are many out there who still do.

Danielle Yep, and we miss out when we do. I’m glad I didn’t listen to the haters. I found out for myself what white men could offer black women as mates. I see white men and black women couples as a wonderful ideal for interracial love.

Me Black women and white men do look good together, I must admit. ;)

Danielle Yes we do. Black and white is beautiful together.

Me I feel black women/white men pairings are going to start quickly becoming more popular soon. I see more black women and white guys dating and marrying all the time.

Danielle Me too, and I love seeing it. They are, and it’s for the better.

Me And I see so many more openly expressing attraction to each other and interest in starting to date interracially.

Danielle Yes. My man was very attracted to me. I’m a larger, voluptuous black woman.

Me You’re very beautiful and seem to smile a lot.

Danielle Thanks.

Me You’re welcome.

Danielle Mentally, emotionally, and sexually, bonding with a white man is incredible. It’s a deep craving. I’ve never had so much pleasure with sex before lol.

Me I’ve only had sexual experience with one man [my hubby] – but I can say I’m very satisfied with the way things are! ;-)

Danielle There’s nothing more gratifying than sex with a white man.

Me In my experience, and based on what I hear from friends, I think many tend to take the time to learn a woman’s needs and make sure we’re satisfied.

Danielle They sure do. They do everything. And it looks amazing.

Me The skin contrast makes things more interesting.

Danielle Totally. It’s very arousing, and excites me. Especially how white men kiss on our bodies.

Me Yeah, the right mix of tender, wild and hot.

Danielle Exactly…starts off slow and gets more intense…the wild and uninhibited. I love it.

Me Me too. I’ve never dated a black guy – but other women I talk to tell me they don’t go out of their way to learn techniques on how to please a woman, since they think they’re so big they can satisfy women with very little effort.

Danielle That’s right. They want to do it fast and quick, don’t allow you to enjoy the penetration. And they don’t love to do oral sex the same as white men do.

Me A lot of white guys seem to love giving…some even more than receiving lol.

Danielle It’s so true. Pleasure. They make a black woman never want to be with a black man again.

Me Most black women I know who’ve dated both black and white have told me they are way more satisfied with white men.

Danielle We are. We find a passion and love from white men we’ve never seen from black men. And black women I know who have families with white men enjoyed so much the act of having a white man father their kids.

Me I know my husband will make such a sweet, wonderful father. I have no doubts.

Danielle Lol…I can testify. Black men said white men weren’t big enough for a black woman of my size. My man is quite large. And it’s a beautiful thing…seeing your white man enter your body. That pleasure is beyond words. I enjoy arousing him as well.

Me Is he really freaky? lol

Danielle Yes, he is lol. Very. He brings out the freak in me.

Me Cool.

Danielle It is cool. I love it. I love doggie style sex a lot.

Me We haven’t tried that…but we may. It’s nice to be flexible and try new things.

Danielle It is, and white men will do lots of new things. Each position is special.

Me I think many white men do have a sense of adventure…and they tend to bring it to the bedroom.

Danielle Oh yess. It’s awesome. My man keeps me on my toes.

Me So…how does your man keep you on your toes? ‘:D

Danielle He’s funny, adventurous.

Me Great.

Danielle And sexually is so freaky lol.

Me Makes the relationship more exciting!

Danielle Yes!

I believe that whether or not a woman is satisfied with her man ultimately depends on the individual man and how attentive he is to his woman and her needs.

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I am a young woman who's Caribbean by heritage and American by birth. I'm married to a white man, whom I met during my teens. We've been together for nearly a decade. I have some female relatives and friends who are also married interracially. I share my experiences and thoughts in order to encourage and support other black women who are in interracial relationships or considering the possibility, and men who are interested in or in interracial relationships with black women.